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I like how sweden just decided one day that gender is fucking bullshit so they got a gender neutral pronoun and stopped separating boy clothes and girl clothes and have pictures of spiderman pushing a baby stroller in a toy magazine why isn’t every country like sweden

you push that stroller sassy spiderman!


you fight those bad guys girlfriend!


you style that hair lil’ dude!


I swear Sweden is the promised land

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1. I forgot how to breathe without the sound of your heartbeat.
2. It took you two weeks to fall in love with me, but two minutes to walk out of my life.
3. I refuse to sleep in my bed because it still smells like you so I’ve slept on the floor while wearing your shirt.
4. I broke my finger trying to pick the lock on your heart.
5. You sat there and watched me bleed.
6. I find parts of you in everyone, I see you in parts of me I didn’t know existed. I kissed a boy last night and his eyes were hazel, like yours. My biology professor has your jawline. A girl down the hall has a laugh like yours. I caught myself talking like you today.
7. You’re inside my fucking head. Please don’t leave it’s all I have left of you.
8. You were my Heaven on Earth even though you don’t believe in God.
9. It’s 3am I’m wide awake holding my pillow so tightly. I imagine it’s you and it helps my tears stop falling for a while. Until I realize you don’t want me anymore. I’m so sorry I’m so pathetic.
10. I hope your new girlfriend realizes how lucky she is, she has the entire universe at her fingertips. I watched galaxies form in your eyes.


now why is platonic cuddling so frowned upon in society fuck you man if i wanna cuddle my bff i will fucking cuddle my bff youll need a fucking crowbar to pry me off you son of a bitch

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